29/03/2016 Living miniature 'sailing boat' returns to Maltese waters
19/06/2015 Jellyfish spotting and reporting as necessary as ever
10/05/2015 Spot the Jellyfish campaign gears up for sixth summer
18/01/2015 Top jellyfish photos
14/09/2014 Second consecutive summer sighting of compass jellyfish
02/05/2014 Jellyfish bloom invades Dwejra
20/04/2014 Smart phone app on jellyfish risk
09/04/2014 Portuguese man o' war spotted in Xlendi
01/01/2014 Warning on mauve jellies
12/09/2013 Two new jellyfish species recorded in Maltese waters
16/08/2013 ‘New’ jellyfish found in Gozo
15/08/2013 New jellyfish species recorded at Ramla l-Hamra
01/08/2013 Cigar jellyfish isn’t a scary visitor
31/07/2013 Cigar jellyfish returns
16/04/2013 Spring brings diversity of jellyfish
12/02/2013 The Velella Velella returns
21/09/2012 Box jellyfish seen in yacht marinas
19/09/2012 'Box jellyfish' seen in yacht marinas
21/08/2012 Fried egg jellyfish float back to Maltese waters
20/08/2012 First sightings of 'fried egg' jellyfish
20/08/2012 Fried egg jellyfish spotted
20/08/2012 The 'fried egg' jellyfish
20/08/2012 Fried eggs in the sea?
23/07/2012 Rare concentration of 'blue button' jellyfish reported near Marsalforn
11/07/2012 Is-Sajf, il-bahar u l-bram
02/07/2012 Jellyfish division process observed for the first time
16/05/2012 The spring 'living sailing boat' jellyfish species
16/04/2012 Interview with Dr. Alan Deidun
30/03/2012 Rise in sightings of crystal jellyfish
11/03/2012 Spotting jellyfish in winter
02/03/2012 Abnormally large mauve stingers sighted
02/03/2012 Jirritornaw il-bram b'qawwa
20/11/2011 Winners of ‘Spot the Jellyfish’ contest
26/08/2011 Non-stinging fried egg jellyfish returns
07/08/2011 Where have all the jellyfish gone
05/08/2011 Box jellyfish number soar
01/07/2011 Two new jellyfish species spotted in Maltese waters
01/07/2011 2 new jellyfish species reported from Maltese waters
05/05/2011 Malta gets new jellyfish posters
18/04/2011 Rare jellyfish species found off Malta
09/03/2011 Portuguese man o war in Marsamxett
20/02/2011 Spot the Jellyfish photography competition
05/02/2012 Winter jellyfish spotting
30/01/2011 Strange marine creatures abound
31/08/2010 Fried egg jellyfish season in full swing
08/08/2010 Rare species reported in Malta jellyfish spotting campaign