The IOI-KIDS programme is this summer engaging children and youngsters, their teachers and parents to help the marine environment by recording the presence and location of various jellyfish species in Maltese coastal waters.

The IOIKIDS Spot the Jellyfish initiative aims to increase awareness, especially amongst the younger generations, about the local diversity of jellyfish species, through a hands-on exercise involving the reporting of sightings of jellyfish that often swarm close to our shores and beaches. In so doing the initiative would be supplying useful data for local marine scientists and tourist authorities, through a citizen science approach... and aid to avoid those stinging jellies!

Sending a report is easy!

 You may use either:
    - Fill a quick Online Form
    - Use a Report Leaflet (print and post to
IOI-MOC, Rm 315, Chemistry BLD, Uni Of Malta, Msida 2080, Malta )
- eMail us at and (attach a photo of the jellyfish if possible)

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 Alan Deidun, Aldo Drago (University of Malta) 
Graphics Design:
 Benjamin Frendo, Martin Galea De Giovanni
Technical Implementation:
 Joel Azzopardi, Adam Gauci (University of Malta)
Project Assistance:
 Brian Christie and Caroline Gittins

The initiative is supported by a number of entities, including the International Ocean Institute, Physical Oceanography Research Group (UoM), Malta Tourism Authority (MTA), Nature Trust (Malta), Friends of the Earth Malta, the Ekoskola Programme and the Blue Flag Malta Programme.