Final CALYPSO-FO meeting in Catania

The Final CALYPSO-FO meeting was held on the 2nd December 2015 at the the Aula Magna del Palazzo Centrale dell’Università degli Studi di Catania. The meeting was attended by high officials from regional government, Italian civil protection, military officials, coastguard and others. Prof Aldo Drago (Project Leader), other members of the Physical Oceanography Research Group within the Department of Geosciences of the University of Malta and Sicilian partners demonstrated the work done through this collaboration between Maltese and Sicilian partners. The meeting was covered by RaiTV.

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Photo: Prof. Aldo Drago (CALYPSO project leader) presenting the project deliverables and future plans
Members on the panel from left to right: Prof. Rosario Sinatra (CALYPSO representative for CUTGANA, Prof. Giuseppe Ciraolo (Sicilian Focal Point for CALYPSO and representative for University of Palermo), Sen. Giuseppe Marinello (Presidente Commissione Territorio, Ambiente e Beni Ambientali, Senato della Repubblica); Prof. Giacomo Pignataro (Magnifico Rettore dell’Università di Catania); Dott.ssa Chiara Calì (Console onorario di Malta); Prof. Aldo Drago (CALYPSO FO Project Leader, University of Malta) and Dott. Francesco Licata di Baucina (Direttore generale Arpa Sicilia).


The main event consisted of a public seminar entitled “CALYPSO-FO, Broadening the uptake of HF radar data applications” highlighting how HF radar data in addition to numerical models and dedicated software tools can be rendered useful for local users and stakeholders. It focused on the use of such data for an improved response to marine hazards, better control of the trans-boundary maritime space, and greater efficiency for search and rescue at sea. The seminar included presentations by invited speakers (Qualitas Remos, Spain and Dir. International Services, USA), interventions by Italian stakeholders (ISPRA Sicilia, Comando Generale delle Capitanerie di Porto - Guardia Costiera and Istituto Idrografico della Marina Militare) as well as technical presentations on the project deliverables.

The Seminar was followed by the Project Steering Committee meeting to discuss administrative matters.
In the meeting the plans for the future of CALYPSO were presented and discussed. In the words of Prof. Aldo Drago (leader of CALYPSO) “the CALYPSO project will not stop here, and plans are already in place to extend the monitoring of currents south of Malta with obvious implications in aid to the Armed Forces of Malta and the Italian coastguard for rescuing persons in distress at sea, especially in this hot area of illegal immigration”.


Meeting Agenda
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CALYPSO Follow On Final Meeting
2nd December, 2015
Organized by the Università degli Studi di Catania (CUTGANA)
Venue: Aula magna del Palazzo centrale
dell’Università degli Studi di Catania

08.30 Registration for meeting

09:00 Welcome by host

- Prof. Giacomo Pignataro,
Magnifico Rettore dell’Università di Catania

- Sen. Giuseppe Marinello,
Presidente Commissione Territorio, Ambiente e Beni Ambientali
Senato della Repubblica
- Dott.ssa Chiara Calì, Console onorario di Malta
- Prof. Aldo Drago,
CALYPSO FO Project Leader, University of Malta

- Dr. Antonio Piceno,
Autorità di Gestione della Programmazione Italia-Malta - Regione Siciliana

- Dr. Marco Sambataro,
Segretariato tecnico congiunto Programmazione Italia-Malta - Regione Siciliana

- Contrammiraglio Nicola De Felice, Comando Marittimo Sicilia (Marisicilia)
- Comandante Andrea Zanghì, Responsabile dell'Ufficio tecnico della Capitaneria di Porto di Catania
- Dott. Francesco Licata di Baucina, Direttore generale Arpa Sicilia
- Ing. Calogero Foti, Direttore Dipartimento della Protezione civile della Regione Siciliana
- Arch. Domenico Fontana, Presidente Legambiente Sicilia
- Prof. Giovanni Signorello, Direttore del Cutgana, Università di Catania

09:45 Half-Day Seminar - CALYPSO-FO, Broadening the uptake of HF radar data applications
Chaired by Prof. Rosario Sinatra, responsabile scientifico partner Cutgana (Unict)

- Prof. Aldo Drago, “Intro to Seminar, overview of CALYPSO-FO and way forward”
CALYPSO FO Project Leader, University of Malta

- Prof. Giuseppe Ciraolo, “Overview of CALYPSO-FO activities in Siciliy”
Calypso FO Project Sicilian focal point (Università di Palermo)

10:30 Coffee break

Presentations by Italian stakeholders

- Dott. Francesco Andaloro,
Direttore ISPRA Sicilia – Rischio inquinamento del Mare.

- Comando Generale delle Capitanerie di Porto - Guardia Costiera

- C.V. Enrico Antonino, Vice Direttore Istituto Idrografico della Marina Militare “L’attività idro-oceanografica della Marina Militare e i suoi risvolti in ambito civile (dual use) “

- Fulvio Capodici: Adeguamento funzionale della Sala operativa della protezione civile siciliana realizzato nell’ambito del progetto SIMIT per l’interpretazione e l’elaborazione dei dati CALYPSO

Presentations by invited speakers

- Jorge Sánchez Musulin, "Latest developments in SeaSonde technology, upgrades of the CALYPSO network and value for S&R and Oil Spill Response operations"
Qualitas Remos, Spain

- Eric Comerma, “Operational Data management in support of Search & Rescue operations in the Central Mediterranean Sea”
Dir. International Services, USA
To be presented by Dr. Joel Azzopardi

Technical project presentations

- Dr. Joel Azzopardi & Mr. Adam Gauci, “New services and data delivery in CALYPSO-FO” University of Malta

- Dr. Georg Umgiesser & Dr. Anthony Galea, “Numerical modelling in CALYPSO-FO” CNR-ISMAR Venice & University of Malt
- Dr. Simone Cosoli, “Can we use HF radar data for SAR activities? The potentialities of the CALYPSO radar network” (presented by Prof. Giuseppe Ciraolo)

13:30 Closure Half-Day Seminar

13:40 Lunch

CALYPSO Follow On Final Meeting
2nd December, 2015
Organized by the Università degli Studi di Catania (CUTGANA)
Venue: Aula magna del Palazzo centrale
dell’Università degli Studi di Catania

15:00 Project Steering Committee (Delegated SC members and WP leaders)
Chaired by Prof. Aldo Drago, CALYPSO FO Project Leader

- Review of project activities
- Promotion and dissemination activities
- Assessment of results and update on progress
- Any pending problems by WP before completion of tasks
- Remaining project commitments
- Administrative matters
- Planning for CALYPSO-SOUTH
- Other matters requiring approval of the Steering Committee

17:00 Closure