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The CALYPSO project endeavours to provide a service to a wide range of users. The HF radar network covering the Malta Channel provides information on the present sea surface currents and sea conditions in the form of maps updated every hour in real time; state-of-the-art numerical models assist to reliably predict how the state of the sea will evolve in the time ahead. In combination, this operational chain of activities provides essential data to a spectrum of applications and addresses the needs of a number of responsible entities in Malta and Sicily. The usefulness of this effort is measured by the level of usage of the data provided by CALYPSO, and these web services are intended to facilitate the widespread use of the CALYPSO data streams.

Key targets include an improved response to marine hazards such as from oil pollution, better control of the trans-boundary maritime space and greater efficiency for security and safety at sea. CALYPSO aims to broaden the use of the project HF radar system for further applications especially in search and rescue, and in support of a wide range of Maltese and Sicilian stakeholders including exploitation for improved weather and marine forecasts, as well as for the monitoring of maritime flow and navigation in the Malta Channel in combination with ship detection and movement.

The service is broadly divided into two elements: (i) non-specialised (public) users at different levels, and (ii) specialised users with dedicated flows of data into specific applications.

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Users making use of the CALYPSO HF radar data are obliged to acknowledge the source of the data as follows:

"The data are derived by the HF radar system developed within the CALYPSO project partly financed by the EU under the Operational Programme Italia-Malta 2007-2013, and co-ordinated by Prof. Aldo Drago from the Physical Oceanography Research Group, Department of Geosciences, Faculty of Science, University of Malta."