Niche for CALYPSO

The risk of oil from marine spillages beaching on shores and hitting important economic resources and causing irreversible environmental damage is a very realistic menace in the stretch of sea between Malta and Sicily. Especially in a small island state like Malta where economic assets are concentrated in space, the damage would be even more devastating. Moreover this region is situated along the main shipping lanes of the Mediterranean Sea.

Risks can be highly minimised by using the best tools for surveillance, operational monitoring against pollution threats, as well as a capacity to respond with informed decisions in case of emergency. CALYPSO intends to utilise a top-end technology, consisting of an array of HF radars, to monitor in real-time meteo-marine surface conditions.

With the support of numerical modelling applications that will be also developed in the project, the HF radar data targets to provide accurate information to monitor and respond effectively to threats from oil spills. In combination with Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) this information can be used to back-track the origin of spills and provide evidence to identify the source of the pollution. Moreover the HF radar provides an avenue for a wider range of applications including search and rescue, and safer navigation.


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Level of ship traffic in the Malta Channel by Vehicle Traffic System


Mapping of surface currents by HF radars in the Malta Channel