Malta CMEMS SeaViewer
Time Series Viewer for Monthly Reanalyses/Reprocessed Datasets of Ocean Surface Parameters between January 1975 and December 2015

1) Choose the dataset, and the parameter to visualise.
Parameter Selection
2) Choose your start and end date. The maximum interval permitted is five (5) years.
Time Period Selection
Start Month:      
End Month:      
3) Choose your area of interest by entering the latitude and longitude ranges below, or else by clicking on the map below - select the first vertex by cliking on the map, and then click to select the opposite vertex. Note that data is only available for the inside the large white rectangle.
Geographical Area Selection
Longitude: -
Latitude: -
4) Customise your chart according to the controls below..
Chart Customisation Dashboard
Show Mean series only.
Show Min. and Max. series only.
Show Mean, Min and Max. series.
Show Mean and Standard Deviation series.
Show Mean, Minimum and Maximum, and Standard Deviation Series.
5) Click on the "Get Plots" button to view the time series plots for the selected area of interest. The plots may take a few moments to be generated. They will be shown in the frame below.
Form Submission
Data Visualisation and Download