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 2013 Microwave Ocean Remote Sensing Training School

30th September -- 4th October 2013

SMOS Barcelona Expert Centre, Barcelona, Spain


This section contains lecture slides and other resources used during the training school.

Topic Link to Lecture Slides/Resources
Introduction Introduction.pdf (Size: 26M)
SST SST_Lecture.pdf (Size: 14M)
SST_Practical.rar (Size: 116M)
Sea Ice SeaIce_Lecture.pdf (Size: 12M)
SeaIce_Practical.rar (Size: 5.6M)
Wind Wind_Lecture.ppt (Size: 48M)
Wind_Practical.rar (Size: 209M)
Currents and SSH Currents_SSH_Lecture.pptx (Size: 122M)
Currents_SSH_Practical.rar (Size: 11M)
SSS L1 SSS_L1_Lecture.pdf (Size: 6.4M)
SSS_L1_Practical.rar (Size: 1.2G)
SSS L2 SSS_L2_Lecture.ppt (Size: 30M)
SSS_L2_Practical.rar (Size: 1.6G)
SSS L3 SSS_L3_Lecture.pdf (Size: 13M)
SSS_L3_Practical.rar (Size: 52M)
SSS L4 SSS_L4_Lecture.ppt (Size: 55M)
SSS_L4_Practical.rar (Size: 16M)
SSS Processes SSS_Processes_Lecture.pptx (Size: 214M)
SSS_Processes_Practical.rar (Size: 124M)