SMOS-MODE Cost Action

September 2011 - WG & MC Meetings

Date: September 22-23, 2011

Place: Brussels, Belgium

First Working Group Meetings

It was decided that to make a joint session of the two working groups, so all the participants could have an idea about the different interests and activities around. Concerning WG1, the state-of-the-art issues around MIRAS callibration and performance were presented and discussed, outlining the future lines to be worked out. The WG2 part served to clarify the problems of interest for oceanographers, particularly ocean processes, and the target accuracy and precision, with other possible applications pointed out (ice)


Second Management Committee Meeting

The main actions for the following period were discussed, including the annual meeting, the foreseable STSMs, and the Summer School to be held in 2012. The budget has been extended to 79K until June 2, 2012.