The International Ocean Institute




04th November – 06th December 2019


Admission requirements and targeted participants 


The training programme is specifically designed to benefit policy-makers, civil servants, mid-career professionals, educators, researchers and civil society members having coastal/marine related responsibilities, functions or interests. The course is open to participants from countries bordering the regional seas. Preference will be given to candidates from developing countries of the regional seas. Applicants from developed countries or countries outside the region can be considered only if they have full funding or are registered at the University of Malta as graduate students. Participants from other developing countries outside the region may also be considered on a case by case basis.


Participants should preferably be between 20 and 40 years of age, and possess at least a first degree in a field relevant to marine affairs and science. The course will require a full time commitment by participants on the basis of six hours of class work daily over a five-day week. The course programme involves lecturing and classroom sessions as well as hands-on sessions and extra-classroom activities during some evenings and weekends. Many of the exercises and presentations involve group work and each participant is expected to provide input to shared activities.


The course will be conducted in English. Participants must be able to understand, write and speak English fluently.


All applicants must seek funding for the training programme and as part of the application process candidates should submit proof of their attempts to find at least partial support. A limited number of full or partial scholarships for the course are available covering airfare, board and lodging, field trip expenses, teaching material, tuition for the course, and a small allowance to cover miscellaneous expenses. It does not include a salary and participants are expected to continue receiving a salary from their employer during the course.


Successful applicants must be willing to complete some specified reading and preparatory work prior to the course.

The relevant application form must be downloaded from the course website and completed in full, with the endorsement of the appropriate Government ministry, agency or department, university or equivalent institution, by a national or regional organisation or by an IOI-Centre Director. Advance Applications via email must be received by the deadline and be followed by mailed signed originals.