The International Ocean Institute




04th November – 06th December 2019


Fees and Funding



Participants will be accommodated in a residence comprising of a number of self-catering and twin bedroom apartments. This complex is situated at a walking distance from the University, and avails of high quality facilities including tennis courts and swimming pool.



Lunches, snacks, desserts and drinks can be purchased from the University canteen, from Monday to Friday. The price of a meal is approximately €10 per person.
The apartments where participants are accommodated offer self-catering facilities.



The course fee for an overseas participant is Eur. 5500, covering accommodation, daily allowance for meals, course delivery materials, all bench fees, use of university facilities, participation in field trips and social programme organised as part of the course.
No course fees are charged to University of Malta post-graduate students. A nominal charge will be made exclusively on course material and field trips amounting to Eur. 250.



For those applicants that are not covered by a scholarship, the course fee should be paid by not later than 14th October 2016 following acceptance of the applicant.
A fee of up to Eur. 1500 will be charged if a self-funded participant cancels within 10 days of the start date of the course without a valid reason.
Full course fees will be charged in cases of non-attendance.



A limited number of scholarships are available for overseas participants, from developing countries. Scholarships for the course cover airfare (at the lowest economy fare and excluding overnight stays where no direct flights are available), board and lodging for the course (starting from one night before course commencement and one night after course end), teaching materials, tuition, a small daily allowance, and field trip expenses. It does not include a salary, and it is expected that participants continue to receive a salary from their employer during the course. Applicants from developed or EU Mediterranean countries (except Eastern European countries) can be considered only if they have full funding or are registered at the University of Malta as graduate students.
Applicants who fulfill the eligibility requirements will be selected to participate in the course according to the following criteria:


1. Preference will be given to participants who manage to secure full sponsorship for the course (i.e. covering course cost, meals and accommodation and flights); followed by participants who secure partial funding to cover flights, accommodation and meals OR the cost of the course delivery.

2. In the case of participants who are not self-funded, preference will be given to individuals who are:
a. primarily from a developing Mediterranean or Eastern European country;
b. mid-career professionals, educators, researchers and civil society participants who are currently engaged in coastal marine-related responsibilities, functions or interests;
c. can show that their participation can bring benefits to their own countries.


3. Finally, applicants who come from countries outside the target regions will be considered as long as the course gains from the exchange of experiences between participants.