calypsomythIn Greek mythology, Calypso was the daughter of the titan Atlas (also known as Oceanus) and was a nymph living on the magical island of Ogygna. As referred to by Homer in 'The Odyssey', she seduced and imprisoned Odysseus on his journey home from the Trojan war and promised him immortality if he would sojourn permanently with her in the cave. However, after seven years he escaped to return to his beloved wife Penelope.

Some people are convinced that Ogygna is indeed the island of Gozo which consequently is also known as Calypso. Over Ramla bay, the most prominent sandy beach in the Maltese Islands, one finds Calypso's cave, a complex labyrinth which was reputed to extend to sea level in places.

Like the nymph, the HF Radars envisaged through the CALYPSO project will vigilate on the stretch of sea extending from Malta to the Sicilian shores.