MCST-funded wave project kicks off

BuoyA consortium made up of DexaWave Energy Malta, the company interested in investing 42 million Euro in wave energy converters in the seas around Malta, the Institute for Sustainable Energy and the Physical Oceanography Unit (PO-Unit) of the IOI-Malta Operational Center, have today kicked off a Project financed by the Malta Council for Science and Technology through the National Research and Innovation Programme 2010. The project 'blue ocean energy' has started its year and a half journey by the deployment at sea of a high tech, state of the art wave data collection and analysis buoy near Gozo, a first for Malta.



The instrument which is continuously monitored from land by CCTV and other security features, will give precise and detailed data of the sea wave conditions around Malta, which data shall be analysed by Prof. Aldo Drago and his team from the IOI-MOC of the University of Malta, using numerical modelling tools to assess the wave resource potential in the Maltese coastal waters. The data will then be mathematically converted into potential electrical energy by Prof. Luciano Mule' Stagno from the Institute of Sustainable Energy also within the University of Malta, and passed on to the company to evaluate.

The project is being co-cordinated by Mr.Noel Gauci, Director DexaWave Energy Malta ltd, and Mr. Lars Elbaek, CEO DexaWave Denmark and reseach and Technical Manager of DexaWave Malta.



The wave data are important for DexaWave Energy Malta to optimize parameters used in similar projects in Denmark for the Mediterranean wave climate in order to reap the highest yield possible and make the investment more attractive. It is also important for the necessary feasibility studies, both financial and technical.